I remember when I had the abortion clinic number and made an appointment. All because of my ex and his family didn’t want me to have his baby. Well guess what? I had her and now he is no longer in her life. You can go back to your life now and stop interfering with ours. You didn’t want her in the first place so you can stop pretending that you care.

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pisces are so overwhelmingly full they can interpret this as emptiness, they don’t know where they want to go because in essence they are already there and somewhat intimidated by the unconscious forces that seem to erupt out of nowhere
and everybody comes to pisces seeking guidance, because intuitively, they sense pisces hold the divine light but when a pisces doesn’t know what to do with this their personality fragments and neptune can swamp them

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this made me cry a little


sometimes pisces feel shattered like a broken mirror, it comes and goes in waves
and then spend forever trying to glue themselves back together so others won’t cut themselves walking over the glass

you could stab a pisces in the stomach and they would apologise for bleeding on your carpet

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the water signs are just dissoluble i think its like those ripples you see over the still ocean, in observation, you only catch a glimpse of the torrents of chaos and creativity, life etc erupting below, you can never know, theyre like a snowglobe , encased in this liquidy, frosted, supernal…

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